Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my trip to northern california

I went to Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and San Luis Obispo. It was very fun we went swimming, hiking, and lots of other things. I went over the Golden Gate Bridge!!!! It was amazing. After we went over the bridge we parked and went into many shops I saw lots of chocolate and and accessories. There was a shell place and made little music bands. I hope to go there again. My favorite part of the day is the Ghirardelli shop went you walk in you get a free Ghirardelli chocolate. I got Dark & Mint Ghirardelli chocolate. And I got a T- Shirt that said San Francisco. In Sacramento we toured the state Capitol!! That was very exciting.! We walked by the Governor's Mansion. In Santa Rosa we went swimming, found golf balls, played basketball, and tennis. We even saw a wedding at the pool. I had a fun time at Santa Rosa. In San Luis Obispo we went to Woodstock pizza and stone brewery with Betty and Doug. It was very fun. We also went to Cal Poly S...L...O  University. Mom said I might go there. Well we had a good trip and love to be home!! 


Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Thanksgiving weekend.

My Thanksgiving weekend was awesome!My family and I went to Aunt Laura's house for 2 days! It was fun. We went to the park with Bella. We tried to get her up the slide but she got to scared so we didn't try it again. Uncle Keith and Bella went to get a drink ha, ha, ha, it was funny! He scooped up a hand fool of water in his hand and let Bella drink some. After going to the park we went back home and played the Wii. Then people started poring in! (it was Thanksgiving). I met some of Laura's friends. They were soooo nice! Well after Thanksgiving we went to Aunt Betty's house we watched movies and had a good time! Dinner was good we had  mac-n-cheese,try-tip,chili,chicken,and bread.mmmm, It was the best!!! But dessert! It was the best thing ever!!!!! We had cheese cake,apple pie,and cookies!!!!They were soooo yummy!!! Then we said good by and went home. That very next day we were up and packing to go home. After we said good by we went home and unpacked and played the Wii. Don't ask me why. It wasn't my idea!    

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Friend fights Help!!!!!!!!!!!

Help! I have friends living next door. When I go to play with them we get in a big fight. Then to end the fight I go inside or my friends do. How can I stop having fights? That is why I'm on this and not outside playing.! The good thing is I can play outside by myself or not come out at all? I want to be outside playing with friends but not fighting. I need help so I'm asking you to help me. Please Help me quick! P.S Thanks for everything!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ice skateing and Adams cast.

On April fools day we were going to do a trick on dad and the trick was that someone broke their arm!And you know what!Adam fractured his arm on the ice on April fools day!We took him to the doctor and he got a splint on his fore arm.The doctor said to go to tri city hospital and they took x ray of Adam fore arm.After that the doctor told us it was a green stick fraction.Then after a less than a week we went to the doctor and they put a cast on his arm.The doctor said that he can't play sports.You can pick a color that you want your cast to be.Adam wanted blue but when the doctor said red he said he wanted red not blue.The doctor was a man and he got Adams cast wet then he put the cast on him.After all of that happened we have ice skateing lessens and Adam can't go.So I got my skates on and mom helped me tie then.It was cold inside but I didn't care.When I got on the ice and she started the lessens I saw that we were going to do cross overs that was whenyou put your right foot over the left and you can swich. I liked ice skateing. And that is about ice skateing and adams cast!

Friday, April 9, 2010

My day at Legoland!

Today Adam, my friend, and I went to Sea Life. We saw some jelly fish and some weird looking animals(They looked like lobsters).  And they looked cute too, it was so fun there I got to touch a Star Fish. We saw...OK ready...  SHARKS!I learned everything about sharks. I loved being there! But before we did all that stuff we went to Legoland.And that was the best thing that happened to me!My neighbor and her nephew were scared of the high rides but I still loved it there.We went to some cool rides and in one ride that you have a gun and hit the targets.And you have points and after the game I saw my points and I got 731 points!I got more than mom!I never got more than mom, mom got 630.But most of all I loved being at Legoland and Sea Life!            

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm going on a Yosemite trip!!!!!!!

I'm going on a Yosemite trip!Its going to be fun I have everything planned.My favorite place is a town called Curry Village and before we leave my mom packs donuts so when we go there we have them for breakfast.They are so good!They taste so yummy!Once we where at a place and we had pizza and their was this squirrel that wanted pizza and the people left so Adam and I chased the squirrel away then when we were eating are pizzas a squirrel hopped onto the table and started to eat the pizza then we scared it and it darted to its home.And after I had pizza I got ice cream -- I got strawberry it was so good!!!And every night we play a game.Then we go to bed.But some nights we go to the ranger program.It tells us more about Yosemite and its places.And there's a theater that tells us about the history of Yosemite.And there is a time line all the way when the dinosaurs were alive till well I don't know.If you walk on this path there's a prairie of grass and I saw some deer it was cool and I saw a waterfall up close and some brown bears fighting they don't eat you they don't want us they want your food.It is so much fun in Yosemite you should come!      

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

At school we had wacky hair day!!!!

At school we had wacky hair day!!!All I did was put my hair in a braid then I put that up on my head and hair clipped it on my head.For P.E. I had a hard time putting on these things that look like coats!I don't know what they were called but they did look like coats!When I was walking on the field with my class and my hockey stick facing the ground I ran into a  line with my team!We were playing a game of hockey!The first team did not try their best at all but then we faced the best team be we won the game 4 to1!!!!!It was a fun game then we had U.A.then after U.A. we had recess but the most worst part of the day was math class!!!But the teacher said we can have candy after the classes are out!So I have to go by!!!!!