Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my trip to northern california

I went to Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and San Luis Obispo. It was very fun we went swimming, hiking, and lots of other things. I went over the Golden Gate Bridge!!!! It was amazing. After we went over the bridge we parked and went into many shops I saw lots of chocolate and and accessories. There was a shell place and made little music bands. I hope to go there again. My favorite part of the day is the Ghirardelli shop went you walk in you get a free Ghirardelli chocolate. I got Dark & Mint Ghirardelli chocolate. And I got a T- Shirt that said San Francisco. In Sacramento we toured the state Capitol!! That was very exciting.! We walked by the Governor's Mansion. In Santa Rosa we went swimming, found golf balls, played basketball, and tennis. We even saw a wedding at the pool. I had a fun time at Santa Rosa. In San Luis Obispo we went to Woodstock pizza and stone brewery with Betty and Doug. It was very fun. We also went to Cal Poly S...L...O  University. Mom said I might go there. Well we had a good trip and love to be home!! 


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